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8 Brands That Sponsor Rafael Nadal

Last Update January 1st, 2020 Rafael Nadal Parera is one of the best tennis players ever. Widely known as the ‘King of Clay’, Nadal has seen many ups and downs in his career, his fandom, however, never declined. With 12 French Open titles to his name, Nadal has some amazing


Irrfan Khan Becomes the First Indian Brand Ambassador of Mastercard

Looks like the world is finally taking notice of Irfan Khan. The actor has now become the first Indian brand ambassador of Mastercard. Television commercial starring Irfan is already out. It shows the actor travelling from Mumbai to Jaipur for a wedding. He is stunned to see how much the

McDonald’s Ad Film For Its McDelivery App

Old age brings along rigidity and makes people cynical. All of us who have grandparents at home would perfectly relate to this feeling. But have you ever imagined the plight of those who don’t have anybody else to take care of them when they turn old? McDonald’s latest ad film

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