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Brand Deals that have made Rohit Sharma the third richest cricketer in Indian squad!

Since childhood, we have been taught that quality is better than quantity. Perhaps Rohit Sharma is amongst those few who adopted this saying as a rule of life. Unlike some other sports personalities, Rohit has been selective of the brands that he endorses. He is not always out there, on the face of people, trying to sell products. Instead, Rohit has a strong set of popular brands in his kitty. They have largely contributed to making him the third highest paid cricketer in the current Indian squad.
Let us look at all the brands that Rohit Sharma chose to advertise for:

Global sports brand, Trusox, roped in Rohit Sharma as its brand ambassador in October 2019.

Rohit Sharma signed a personal endorsement deal with sports giant Adidas towards the end of 2013. The deal was estimated to be around 300 thousand dollars.

Rohit Sharma Brand Ambassador Endorsements Sponsors List Advertising TVCs Commercials Adidas

World Wide Fund for Nature
Rohit Sharma was made the brand ambassador of WWF is September 2018. He endorses the rhino conservation projects in India.

Rohit Sharma Brand Ambassador Endorsements Sponsors List Advertising TVCs Commercials WWF

Sharp television
In June 2018, Rohit Sharam was roped in to endorse television manufacturer, Sharp.

Rohit became the brand ambassador of Relispray and Relispray Nitron in May 2018.

Conekt Gadgets
As its brand ambassador, Rohit Sharma launched Conekt Gadgets in August 2018.

Rohit has been endorsing this brand of luxury watches since April 2016.

Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino has a brand sponsorship deal with Rohit Sharma.

Aristocrat Bags
Rohit Sharma has been advertising for this brand of VIP Luggage alongside Ravichandran Ashwin since 2017.

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan made Rohit its brand ambassador in 2016.

Restless Action Drink
Rohit endorsed this brand of energy drink in 2014.

Nasivion, a nasal spray brand, used Rohit Sharma as its main face of advertising in 2015.

Oppo Mobiles
Since Oppo is a sponsor of the Indian cricket team, Rohit has endorsed this brand on various platforms.

Rohit featured in a couple of advertisement for Lays in 2013.


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