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Here are the brands that sponsor Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff

15-years-old, Cori Gauff, became an overnight sensation after defeating Venus Williams in the first round of Wimbledon, 2019. Nicknamed ‘CoCo’, this young woman from the United States of America also made history for being the youngest player to qualify for Wimbledon in the Open Era. With age on her side, Coco has just begun to climb the success ladder. In her quest to be a great tennis player, she is supported by multiple brands at the moment, take a look at them.

New Balance
In 2018, sneaker and athletic wear brand – New Balance began sponsoring Cori Gauff. Prior to this association, she used to wear Nike designed attires on the court.

World famous pasta maker, Barilla, is also a sponsor of Cori Gauff. She even wear the brand’s name on her playing apparel. Interestingly, Barilla is also a partner of Tennis Legend, Roger Federer.

Cori Gauff uses Head made tennis racquets while playing the game of tennis. However, it is not confirmed if the sports equipment brand sponsors Cori or not.


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