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Brands that Sponsor Kateřina Siniaková

Kateřina Siniaková is a rising star in the world of tennis. Post defeating Naomi Osaka in the initial rounds of French Open 2019, Kateřina ensured a massive increase in her popularity. Hailing from Czech Republic, this 23 old tennis star is quite popular in her home country. Naturally, a number of her sponsors belong to Czech Republic. Take a look at them.

Lotto Sports
Global sportswear brand, Lotto, serves as Kateřina’s apparel sponsor.

Wilson Sports
Sports equipment brand, Wilson, makes Kateřina’s tennis racquets.

Eurovia, a leading construction company from the Czech Republic is a sponsor of Kateřina Siniaková.

Di Style Lab
Di Style Lab is a luxury women’s clothing brand that has partnered with Kateřina Siniaková.

International transport brand, Kristensson, is one of Kateřina’s brand associations.

Dekon System
Dekon system deals in luxury cars and sponsors Kateřina Siniaková.

BMW Cartec Liberec
Kateřina Siniaková is an ambassador of BMW Cartec Liberec

Diagnostic, laser centre and aesthetic medicine clinic, Homea, also sponsors Kateřina Siniaková.


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