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Watch Deepika And Ranveer in Lloyd TVC

At the beginning of March 2019, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone signed their first endorsement deal together. Bollywood’s most popular couple will now serve as the brand ambassador of Llyod in India.

After much wait, the brand has released its first TVC featuring the Deepika and Ranveer. In the 60 second shot, Ranveer and Deepika are seen discussing how life has changed after marriage.

What is surprising, however, is that Llyod India has still not made this ad public on any of its social media platforms. This could have been a huge opportunity for Lloyd as it is the first time that Ranveer and Deepika have done an ad together as a married couple. But, the delay in the upload is going to work against the brand.

In today’s time when content goes viral in seconds, brands can’t really afford to take these little things lightly. What is happening now is that the advertisement is being circulated through a number of informal channels. This could have easily been avoided or curtailed if Llyod had uploaded the advert on its Youtube channel or Facebook page.

In the absence of an official advertisement, watch this advert through an informal channel.

P.S. Lloyd uploaded the ad on Youtube a day after this post was published


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