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Ranbir Kapoor joins team Coca-Cola

Taking its campaign, #ShareACoke, a step further, Coca-Cola India is now asking people to #SayItWithCoke. The packaging of Coca-Cola has been altered in a way that each bottle and can, will have a Bollywood song written on it. Depending upon the message you want to give, you can easily pick a bottle with the relevant song title.

To make public aware of this new development, Coca-Cola India has launched a TVC featuring Bollywood’s heartthrob – Ranbir Kapoor. He is accompanied by well-acclaimed actor, Paresh Rawal. In the one minute advertisement, the two men play the roles of a landlord and a tenant. Considering his house owner’s sharp eyes, Ranbir hands him a bottle of coke with just the right song title.

This is Ranbir’s first advertisement for Coca-Cola. Interestingly, earlier, he endorsed Coca-Cola’s rival brand, Pepsi for a long time. In fact, he is one of the few actors in the industry who have worked with both these leading brands in India.


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