Brands That are Taking Gully Boy to every Gully!

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starring Gully Boy is all set to hit the big screen on February 14th. Ahead of its release, the film has tied up with multiple brands to enjoy a wider range of reach. Of course, these brands as well are looking to benefit from the association with what is expected to be one of the biggest films of the year. Here is a look at all the brands have invested in Gully Boy.

Ranveer Singh has featured in two promotional videos for Zomato India in which he says that Zomato provides food in every “gully.”

Cadbury Silk
Both Alia and Ranveer came together to promote Cadbury Silk’s special Valentines Day variant.

Messaging Application, Hike, is allowing its users access to special Gully Boy stickers.

Ranveer Singh is the brand ambassador of Adidas in India, the brand has launched products in association with the film, Gully Boy.

Ola – #GullyGullyOla
Similar to Zomato and Cadbury Silk, Ola has also partnered with Zoya Akhtar’s directorial venture, Gully Boy.

Beer brand, Kingfisher, has designed a special contest around Gully Boy.

There is a reference of the mobile app, Truecaller, in one of the trailers of the film.

KFC – GullyBoyWithKFC
Gully Boy has also partnered with the fast food chain, KFC. the brand is promoting its ‘all chicken, no bun – double down’ variant through the film.

Very Similar to Zomato and Ola, Ranveer Singh is also seen endorsing Torex in association with the movie.

Sunsilk – SunsilkGullyGirl
Sunsilk’s brand ambassador, Alia Bhatt, was seen promoting a contest launched by the brand in collaboration with Gully Boy.

Social Offline
Popular food chain, Social Offline, has launched a customised menu in accordance with Gully Boy.


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