Watch KitKat’s take on Valentine’s Day

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Nestle KitKat has launched a fresh TVC which asks people to put an end to judgment. It won’t be wrong to say that this advert is a subtle dig at Cadbury’s #PopYourHeartOut campaign. It specifically says that a KitKat can be given to anybody and not just a romantic partner. Nestle has even altered its packaging to further add on to its overall agenda.

In the 58 seconds shot, various scenes are depicted where people act judgemental and look down upon beautiful relations like friendship. The people behind the creation of this advertisement aren’t known yet. The real-life name of the girl in the lead is Srishti Dogra.

Interestingly, the advert has received a mixed response on social media. While it has received 45 thousand likes in 3 days, it has also managed to get almost 22 thousand dislikes.


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