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Pablo Carreño Busta’s Brand Associations

Slowly and steadily, Spain’s Pablo Carreño Busta has been climbing up the ladder of ATP rankings. He is extremely popular in his home county and quite naturally most of the brands that he endorses are from Spain itself. Here is a list of all the names that this young man of 27 has partnered with at the moment.

Joma Sport
Spanish sportswear brand, Joma Sports, manufactures Pablo Carreño Busta’s tennis apparel and shoes.

Pablo Carreño Busta uses tennis racquets made by Wilson for his tennis matches and practice.

Peugeot España
Pablo is a brand ambassador of luxury car brand, Peugeot, in Spain.

BOVET 1822
Swiss made and handcrafted watches, Bovet 1822, are also endorsed by Pablo Carreño Busta.

ISDIN is a brand that helps to improve skin health. Pablo is often seen promoting their products through his social media platforms along with other platforms.


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