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Brand Partners of Rising Star Frances ‘BIG’ TiaFOE

Frances Tiafoe is a young man from the United States of America who has caught a lot of attention in the past few years for his exceptional skills in the game of Tennis. Being the the youngest American ranked in the Top 50 by the Association of Tennis Professionals, 22 years old Frances is a rising star in the sport. No wonder, he has signed multiple endorsement deals in the last few years. Here is a small brief on all the brands that have associated themselves with Big Foe.

Nestle’s protein-packed milk brand, Nesquik, made Frances its main face of advertising at the start of 2020.

TAG Heuer
In the first week of Australian Open 2019, luxury watch brand, TAG Heuer, roped in Frances Tiafoe as one of its brand ambassadors.

Nike looks after Frances Tiafoe’s on court and practice clothing and footwear.

The racquets used by Frances Tiafoe in the game of tennis are all manufactured by Yonex.


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