Here are the Best Ad Films of 2018!

Watch some of the best ad films of 2018!

Like every year, 2018 as well witnessed many news advertisements. Only some of them managed to make a mark. Here are the ads that we at Aksharit felt were the best in 2018. Take a look!

Vicks India
The second edition of Vicks’ #TouchOfCare ad campaign narrated the life of Nisha, a young girl who suffered from a rare skin condition. Read More..

Coca-Cola released three stunning ad films in 2018 under its campaign, #ShareACokeIndia. The jingle, Har Rishta Bola Mere Naam Ki Coca-Cola, became extremely popular. Even the Diwali Ad film by the brand featuring Ayushmann Khurrana earned many applauds. Read More..

Hindustan Unilever
Towards the end of 2018, Hindustan Unilever released a powerful ad film with a strong message for the society. Read More..

Ethnic clothing brand, Sabhyata, released an ad film on Diwali which broke gender stereotypes. Read More..

Cadbury Celebrations
For Raksha Bandha and Diwali, Cadbury Celebrations released two ad films that successfully captured consumer attention. Read More..

Havells India
The 40 seconds shot, Saath Ki Life Sukoon Ki Life, gave a glimpse of a modern day marriage. Read More..

Red Label
Red Label’s Ganpati ad film gave a beautiful message of unity in diversity.
Read More..

Nestle Maggi
Maggi India released multiple adverts in 2018. Two of which stole our hearts.
Read More..

Saregama Carvaan
Saregama Carvaan’s Diwali ad was a wonderful mix of a social message and the product. Even the mothers day ads by the brand were quite fun to watch. Read More..

In 2018, Whatsapp India released 3 ad films to spread more awareness about tackling fake news. Read More..

All Out
The advertisement titled, Stand By Tough Moms was a HIT! Read More..

Tinder India’s musical ad film gathered many views on social media. Read More..


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