Uber Eats Advertising to compete against Zomato/Swiggy/FoodPanda 90s

With its latest campaign, #BackToThe90s, Uber Eats has given all the 90s kids a beautiful reminder of the past..Out of the vast pool of 90’s advertising, Uber Eats picked the three best – Dhara Oil Jalebi, Cadbury Kuch Khass Hai and Nirma Super’s Deepikaji. It altered them and relaunched them as Uber Eats TVCs.

All the three shots have been given equal treatment and were changed keeping in mind their original content. In Cadbury recreation, the jingle was twisted. In Nirma’s version, the famous dialogue exchange between Deepika Ji and the shopkeeper were reenacted. In Dhara’s version, the plot and the script were taken note of. In fact, Uber eats even roped in the same child actor Parzan Dastur who is a grown man now.

The adverts were conceptualized by the in-house team at Uber Eats. They were directed by Kartik Ramnathkar from Kiss Films. Sorry, but the names of other actors aren’t known yet.

Watch the ads and relive a little of the gone days


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