This Independence Day Parle G Celebrates The Indian Soldiers

Taking its campaign – #YouAreMyParleG a step further, Parle-G has launched an ad film which celebrates the Indian soldiers. The 2 minutes 23 seconds shot is based on the life of Ankit Singh from Satna. Under the campaign, Parle-G is also encouraging people to share similar stories.

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The simplicity of this advert will touch your heart. It beautifully captures the life of a soldier when he is on vacation. There are no dialogues, only emotions. In the background, along with a mesmerizing tune, a poem is said. Unfortunately, the agency, the production house and the actors in the ad film are not known yet.

Since I know my audience, I have written down the poem in the advertisement for you.

Watch the Advert

Desh ki sarhad se
Ghar ki dehleez tak
Mausam guzar jaate hain
Bacchhe tasveeron me bade hojate hain
Ye arse baad ghar aate hain
Tasalli jhooti dete hain
Par kahaniyan sachi sunate hain
Faulaad se dikhte hain
Par bheetar inke bhi
Insaan hi baste hain
Pehli baarish ki boonde
Inhe bhi bhaati hain
Holi, Diwali inki bhi aati hai
Jahan apni jaan pe ye khelte hain
Wahan appeal hai na umpire
Phir bhi ek dooje ke
Cheerleader ban jaate hain
Par aksar in gumnaam chehron ko hum
bhool jaate hain
Jabhi ye kandho pe apne
Poora desh uthaate hain
Ho na ho kuch log
Desh ke
Parle-G ban jaate hain.


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