Through its advertising work, Pizza Hut has poked its biggest competitor Domino’s Pizza at the wrong place. The 35 seconds shot features popular Bollywood actor Abhay Deol with a blue puppet, the latter being a symbol of Domino’s (Evident from its color). What also makes the dig not so subtle is the tagline of the commercial – It’s Time To Switch. Switch from what? Obviously from Domino’s to Pizza Hut.

Abhay Deol TVC Pizza Hut Puppet Domino's

In the TVC, Abhay is about to have a slice of the Pizza Hut’z pizza when he is interrupted by the puppet. The little fellow objects by saying that this isn’t their normal choice of brand. So, Abhay stuffs the pizza slice into the puppet’s mouth, and he eventually admits that Pizza Hut’s pizzas are the best.

Abhay Deol TVC Pizza Hut Puppet Domino's

Advertising-wise, this isn’t the first time a brand has tried to pull down its competitor. Colgate-Pepsodent, Mercedes-Jaguar, Pepsi-CocaCola have all been through this phase. So, considering the trend, Dominoes will also revert to this campaign by Pizza Hut. How and when? Only time will tell.

This advertisement was conceptualized by Ogilvy and shot under the direction of  Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy from Corcoise Films.

Watch the advert here


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