Havells Wires new ad is stunningly mesmerizing. The 2 minutes 13 seconds shot beautifully captures the budding friendship between a young girl and a boy. Team Soho Square Advertising Agency conceptualized this beautiful work, and Amit Sharma from Chrome Pictures directed it. The names of the two child actors are Abner Sharma & Myrah Dandekar.

Havells Wires Advertisement Little Children Cute Love

The scene is of a summer camp. A boy looks at a girl and is attracted to her. He makes a small flower out of Havells wires and presents it to her. But, she doesn’t respond as he expected her to. Instead, she throws it in the fire. All night long the girl is sleepless. In the morning, she finds the flower, all safe in the last night’s ashes. She picks it up and smiles. The boy catches her with the flower. And the ad ends with everybody smiling.

Watch the Commercial here:

Brand: Havells
Agency – Team Soho Square
Production house: Chrome Pictures
Director: Amit Sharma
Producer: Poonam Wahi
Project Coordinator: Napolean Daniel Amanna
DOP: Rakesh Hari Das
Art Director: Ratheesh U K
Editor: Dev Rao Jadhav
Music Director: Mikelal. (Sidhant Mago & Mayank Mehra)
Costume Stylist: Ayesha Khanna
Makeup: Shalini Sharma
Cast: Abner Sharma & Myrah Dandekar
Casting Director: Tejas Sawant
1st AD/ DA: Aman Rai
AD Team: Tarun Bansal/ Vignesh Shivasubramaniam/ Rohit Gupta / Bhavytavya Saklani
Intern AD: Rituja Chavan, Animesh Chakravarty
Production Controller: Sandeep Gupta
Assistant Producer: Kush Malhotra
Line Producer: Vishal Bahl (Bahl Productions)
Assistant DOP: Sreejish S. Doss
Focus Puller: Chandra Mohan
Gaffer: Prafulla Kumar Dash
Lights- Flamingo Films
Art Assistant: Nida Shaikh
Costume Assistant: Shyam Kumar Bhaskar
Production Boys: Hari Gupta / Manish Singh/ Manish Gupta / Surendar Gaud/ Narendra Rajput/ Ashok Reddy
Post Production Studio: Splice Studioz
Post Producer: Dutta Yewale
Colorist: Shivesh Katewa
Online Artist: Anil Prajapati
Lyricist: Sidhant Mago
Sound Engineer: Vipal Patel / Rishabh Bose
Asst. Post Supervisor: Sanjay Malvankar
Sr. Accountant: Kalpesh Darji
Accountants: Vikas Tambe & Vaibhav Desai

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