Adidas – The Sole Brand That Sponsors Luis Suarez

The 2014 World Cup was a nightmare for Luis Suarez and his many fans. He was banned midway for biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. But it looks like Luis Suarez plans on rectifying that mistake by performing tremendously in the 2018 world cup. He is on top of his game and taking Uruguay ahead in the tournament with every match.

Luis Suarez Brand Endorsement Sponsorship Partner Advertisements TVC Uruguay Adidas

Interestingly, Luis has only one sponsor – Adidas. His partnership with the athletic brand began in 2010. At the time he was offered $1 Million for this deal.

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Over the year Beats, Abitab, Antel, Cablevisión, Garnier, Pepsi, and Samsung hired him for advertising jobs. None of it though was a part of any sponsorship deal.

We can only hope that post this world cup season, 31-years old Luis Suarez will land up some more sponsors.


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