I heard a lot of people say that Veere di wedding is more of a brand promotion than a good film. Since I write about advertising and brands, I was intrigued to watch the movie. After the initial thirty minutes of the film, I fell in the same category of people I spoke about in the first line.

Veere Di Wedding is a perfect example of NOT SO SUBTLE BRAND PROMOTIONS. Many scenes from the movie can be trimmed and used as adverts by the brands they endorsed. Air India, Amul, HSBC, Bharat Matrimony, Uber, Symbiosis and Bikaji were all thrown on the viewers face.

The better way to tell you about these brand placements is through the story of the film. Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers in it.

Veere Di Wedding Brand Promotions Advertisements Apple
Skype Call on a MacBook Air 😀

Kalindi (Kareena Kapoor) has three best friends – Avni (Sonam Kapoor), Sakshi (Swara Bhaskar) and Meera (Shikha Talsania). Kalindi lives in Australia with her boyfriend Rishabh (Sumeet Vyas). They get engaged one day and all the girlfriends are informed about this development via Skype on their respective Apple Products.

Kalindi and Rishabh take an Air India flight to Delhi where Kalindi is greeted at the airport by her future-in-laws and a standee of HSBC Bank. After a few days, Kalindi goes shopping with her in-laws and the camera quickly captures the name of the shop, Ram Chandra Krishan Chandra.

Veere Di Wedding Brand Promotions Advertisements Bentley
Swara and Kareena entering the Bentley

Meanwhile, Avni – an alumnus of Symbiosis Pune is dealing with her own issues. Her mother can’t stop finding her guys for marriage, “Bharat Matrimony pe ladka Dekha hai“, she says. Anyway, after a lot of drama, Avni goes on a date with a handsome guy to South Delhi’s fine dine Qla.

Sakshi and Meera have also been allotted brands to promote.  While being a rich girl, Sakshi drives a Bentley. Meera neatly places Amul ice creams on the table and eats them box after box. In fact, in one scene, Meera and her gang find an Amul Ice Cream mini truck inside a mall ( Never seen it in real life). The girl gang also loves hopping on Bikaji Namkeens. No matter what the mood, they need their favourite snack on their side.

Veere Di Wedding Brand Promotions Advertisements Bikaji
Swara Bhaskar eating Bikaji Namkeen (On the Right)

In the middle of the film, the Veeres take a trip to Phuket and stay at the Amanpuri Resorts. They once again travel by Air India, use HSBC cards to swipe anywhere they go and eat Bikaji Namkeens while soaking the sun.

If you think that these were the only brand promotions, you are sadly mistaken. There is more…

Veere Di Wedding Brand Promotions Advertisements Amanpuri
The girls go to Amanpuri resort in Amanpuri car

In one of the scenes, Kareena books an Uber and gets a maroon sedan with UBER printed on it. On her way back though she gets a ride from Rishabh in his Range Rover. And in case you were wondering what cable network Rishabh uses because naturally, it is an important detail, there was a dish of Videocon D2H on the terrace of his house (Sarcasm).

Finally, since it is a shaadi ka set up and obviously home decor and furniture are needed, trucks of Gulmohar Lane come to Kalindi’s house. In fact, frames are set aside just to focus on this one brand. The brand was the official furniture partner of the film.

Apart from the above brands, Veere Di Wedding also partnered with Swad Candies, Tata Tigor, Mydala, Lux, Tumi and LUMIX GH5.

Veere Di Wedding Brand Promotions Advertisements Swad
A still from Swad’s promotional advert

I am sure there were more brand placements in the movie which I  missed. But can you blame me? Excess of anything isn’t good and Veere Di Wedding shows what too much of brand placements can do to the image of a film. Brand associations and in-film advertising can help generate money but it takes away the film’s credibility. Hopefully, the team of Veere Di Wedding’s team will learn a thing or two from this ‘brand promotion’ failure and come back with a stronger film next time. Good Luck to them for their next venture.



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