Mahindra’s Female Actors – An Advertising Strategy or a Random Choice?

My experience with writing blogs on automobile company Mahindra has taught me one thing – Viewers love to know about the models in their ads. The brand always manages to create a lot of curiosity around the female actors that they hire in their TVCs. After almost 6 months, I still get messages asking the name of the female lead in Mahindra KUV100 NXT’s advert. Guess what? I still don’t know who she was.

But my blog traffic suggests that this strategy of Mahindra is gonna work for its latest Plush New XUV500’s advert as well. Once again, the brand has roped in a beautiful unknown woman who I am sure the Indian audiences would love to know more about.

The two-minute advert shows a girl travelling in a train. For some reason, she is followed by goons in horses. A man (who owns a Mahindra Plush New XUV500) comes to her, takes the car out of the moving train in an endless desert. He drives the car in the roadless deserts of Jordan and eventually saves the girl. This advert was both conceptualised and created by FCB Interface.

I don’t really know how much this plan of featuring pretty girls works on generating revenues, but it sure does get the advert a lot of views. Like a lot of them. In less than a week, this particular ad has got over 6,603,434 views on Youtube.

Watch the advert



  1. Hi,

    I was researching about Mahindra new advertisement strategy and this caught my eye. I believe that the company hired the foreigners cast on purpose. This is the first time I watched an ad from start to the end and I can tell you that Horses, Train, Cast, and Location had me watch the advertisement.

    I don’t care about the Mahindra car, but they achieved their goal to deliver a word about the new car. Someone who’s not a fan of cars knows about SUV500.

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