Alia Bhatt and Caprese’s Spring Summer Collection

Almost 4 years ago, Caprese Bags appointed Alia Bhatt as its brand ambassador. Ever since, for every season, the brand makes a short advert with the actress in it. Alia is also seen in print and social media ads done by the brand throughout the year.

Caprese released its latest ad yesterday. Like all the earlier ones, this too is set in beautiful locations. The song in the background is Cherry Red Kiss by Randall Breneman.

Watch the advert

Lyrics of the song

She had a little black dress and high heel shoes
Her lips were cherry red. 

The band was swinging, the gringos were grinning,
she got inside my head…
She was a sweet señorita sipping on a margarita,
had me in the palm of her hand…
I knew she was trouble, so I ordered a double,
and I asked her if she wanted to dance…




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