Is Uber Eats Trying to Pull An April Fool Prank?

So, Uber Eat is promoting a new “Anti Aging Ice Cream” through its social media handles. According to the company’s website, this “Smooth and creamy dark chocolate ice cream” also works on the 8 signs of ageing. Uber says, there are only limited pieces are available right now and is asking people to prebook and try this invention.

Now, since in two days, the world will celebrate April Fools Day, this campaign, ‘The world’s 1st #AntiAgingIceCream’, can very well be a prank. In fact, it does sound like a joke. I am almost certain that I’ll be proven right in the end.

I have “prebooked” the ice cream, let us see how will it taste. Let me know your views on the same.

P.s. I was right


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