Pepsodent India’s TVC for its New Variant – Germi Check

Last week, Pepsodent India launched a TVC titled ‘Ladoo’ for its new variant, Pepsodent Germi Check. The 35 seconds long advert shows four little kids discussing about cavities while having lunch at school. This TVC was shot by Chrome Pictures with Hemant Bhandari as the director

I must point out that in today’s time where brands are trying very hard to exploit social media, Pepsodent India has managed to stay away from it. There are no talks about the ad anywhere. In fact, the social media pages of Pepsodent India haven’t been updated in months (except for one post on Facebook).

Anyway, watch the ad at Chrome Pictures Facebook Page


Production House: Chrome Pictures
Director: Hemant Bhandari
Producer: Abhishek Notani
Project Co-ordinator: Napolean Daniel Amanna
D.O.P: Satchith Paulose
Production Designer: Urvi Ashar
Editor: Shahnawaz Mosani



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