Watch: Pulse Candy’s Second TVC

Six months after its first television commercial, Pulse candy is back with another one. Conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson Company and produced by Soda Films, the advert went live on 15th March. Pulse Candy is a property of Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group).

The 35 seconds long advertisement features a young girl who tries to flirt with her colleague to take away his last pulse candy. To her surprise, he is smarter than she thinks. He manages to save his favorite candy for himself.

Watch: A scared husband trying to save his Pulse candy from his wife!

The brand has gone ahead with its existing tagline, Pran Jaaye Par PULSE Na Jaaye.
The advert is running extensively on Television and Youtube. On other digital mediums though, the brand can do a tad more.

The names of the two actors are not known to me yet. I know a lot of you have asked about the name girl, I’ll update the post as and when I get to know about her.

Watch the TVC



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