Watch Lampshade: A 3 Minute Horror Film

A couple of minutes back, Large Short Films uploaded a 3-minute horror film on its Facebook page. Written and directed by Smanla Dorje Nurboo of Jobless Studios, the video is set in a hostel room where years ago a student committed suicide. Whoever lives in that room now starts acting all strange.

Titled LAMPSHADE, the film sure is spooky. The background score further enhances the film’s atmosphere.  It sure shows that the makers have a lot of potential in them. In just a few seconds and with simple tools, they have managed to bring a story worth telling.

Watch the film


Cast: Raghav Mathankar, Shagun Lakhotiya
Producer: Shobhit Verma& Anshika Agarwal
Writer & Directer: Smanla Dorje Nurboo
Sync Sound: Mukul Menon
Production Manager: Himanshu Singh Yadav
Cinematography, Sound Design and Edit: Smanla Dorje Nurboo
Sound Track: Blue Mist by Debbie Wiseman


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