Watch: Imtiaz Ali’s The Other way

Time only knows how to move forward, it has always been this way and will continue to walk the same path. Maybe that is why stories are mostly told in a chronological order. They are easier to understand in this pattern.

In its latest short film with the Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films, Imtiaz Ali has tried to do something different. He has played with the concept of time and narrated a story from the end to the beginning and he has made it all look very effortless.

The Other way is a story of a girl (Real name – Shreya Chaudhari) who runs away on her wedding day only to come back all happy and jolly. She was with a photographer (Real name – Pavail Gulati) who might appear as her love interest but is not. He is just the last daring step she took before tying the knot.

The film was both written and directed by Imtiaz Ali. It has been produced by Window Seat Films. The movie is definitely a good experiment. One must understand that it is not at all easy to narrate a story in this particular way. Hence, Imtiaz and his team deserve a lot of applauds for not just attempting this film but for also justifying it completely.

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T.C. Chhabra
Babbita Anand
Mythil Shah
Hitesh Arora
Jayant Mangalore
Aarushi Sharma
Kunal Kerkar
Meenal Sahu
Pushpinder Singh Nayyar
Ali Chatley
Lekha Prajapati
Arjun Gopal Marwal
Maeha Sharma
Neeraj Sodhi
Paramjyot Singh Vohra
Shamik Aga
Ashish Pandey
Vaishnavi Andhale
Roop Mondal

Window Seat Films

First Assistant Director
Vishal Mundra

Assistant Director
Divya Johry
Zairi Cama

Associate Art Director
Paresh Maestry
Rajat Pathare
Rahul Kubal

Assistant Cameraman
Razzaq Shaikh
Ravi Kumar
Vinayak Panicker

Focus Puller
Manoj Gupta

Production Sound Mixer
Sampath Alwar

Boom Operator
Sanjay Joil

Sound Mixing
Sharat Mohan

Associate Editor
Saheb Bagchhi

Subhash Lakara

Post Production Studio
A1 Studio

DI Studio
Om Creation

Casting Associate
Saurabh Pal


Shamshad Sheikh

Geeta Sarvan

Sandeep Mahajan
Rupesh Bhavsar

Light Boys
Quasar and Team



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