Ranveer and Alia Back Again for MMT

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt first became the endorsers of Make My Trip in February 2016. Ever since then, the two actors have come in various TVCs for the brand. Conceptualised by Publicis Capital, these adverts have the same basic idea but different storylines.

The first commercial of 2018 starring the two actors went live on 19th March. It shows Alia and Ranveer travelling together in a plane. Ranveer tells Alia that he got 10% off on a Hotel booking after a lot of hard work. She tells him that through MMT he could have got more discounts and she is supported by the fellow passengers too.

So far people have enjoyed these ads. But maybe now is the time to explore more ideas revolving around the two actors to avoid redundancy. Ranveer and Alia are both at the peak of their careers. They are assets for the brand and they should be extracted to their best potential.

Watch the TVC



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