Ads That Celebrated Stephen Hawking

Stephen William Hawking, one of the most popular and successful scientists of our time passed away today. As a tribute, we have brought some ads which featured him directly or indirectly.

1. Jaguar F-PACE: British Intelligence with Stephen Hawking
This ad directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Tom Hooper featured Hawking in it.

2. Royal London Society for the Blind
In this ad for RBS charity, Stephen Hawking asks people to join together and create technology for everybody. The advert was conceptualised by BBH UK, directed by Dan Lowe and shot under Ivory Production Company.

3. Ted
This Print Ad with the caption, “God didn’t create the universe. These are good times for ideas”, was done by Ogilvy Argentina in April 2014.
Stephen Hawking Ted Ad.png

4. R&F Editora
This Print ad was created by Agência Espaço, Brazi
Stephen Hawking Book Ad

5. Access Israel: Professor Stephen W. Hawking
This ad film for Access Israel in Israel was done by Geller Nessis Leo Burnett advertising agency. It went live un December 2007.


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