Maggi Tells How Change Is Better Through Its New TVC

Nestle Maggi recently launched an ad film for its new variant MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic. The ad film was launched on 7th March, just a day before Women’s Day. But what works in the favour of the brand is that this ad film will work throughout the year. It has the content and the appeal to attract the masses.

A woman is cooking in the kitchen, her son enters and tells her about an argument he had with his wife. He tells his mother that his wife will also have to follow the footsteps of the mother and quit her job.  The mother puts some Maggi masala in the vegetable she was cooking and makes her son try it. The son says that he finds it better now. To which the mother replies that if we keep following the old steps then how will we get better than before. The son is left mute.

This TVC has been conceptualised by Publicis Delhi and it has been shot under the direction of Vivek Kakkad of Curious Films. The role of the mother has been played by Neena Kulkarni and the name of the actor who has played her son in Pradhuman Singh.

Watch the TVC here


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