#PehleTum – A Women’s Day Innitiative By Dalda Refined Oil

For those of you who do not belong to India, let me tell you a little something before I talk about this advert. In many Indian families, the trend is that women serve the food on the table. They ensure that every family member has had food and only after that they make a plate for themselves.

With its latest commercial on Women’s Day, popular Indian brand – Dalda Oil, is trying to question this prevailing mindset of the country. The video is set up in a restaurant. There are no plates in front of women and even after constant nagging and requests, the waiter refuses to bring plates for women. He says that if they can eat alone at home then they can eat alone at a restaurant as well.

The video also features famous television actors Hiten Tejwani And Gauri Pradhan Tejwani. It has been sponsored by 92.7 Big FM.

Watch the Ad Film Here



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