Hritikh Roshan As Mountaineer Arjun Vajpai in Mountain Dew’s TVC

When you show reality in your advert, there are high chances that the audiences will connect to it. Looks like, through its latest campaign, Mountain Dew is trying to do the same.

In a TVC that came out on 3rd March 2018, Mountain Dew’s brand ambassador – Hritikh Roshan, has attempted to recreate the real-life experience of one of the most successful mountaineers of India, Arjun Vajpai. Arjun too has a massive fan following on social media which will further help the brand.

The agency and the production house behind the advert are not known to me yet.The brand is advertising this film extensively. In just a few hours since release, the ad film has already got over 20 lakh views on Youtube. Hopefully, the magic of this TVC will reflect on the revenue numbers of Mountain Dew.

Watch The TVC


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