All Out Asks People to #StandByToughMoms

Raising a child isn’t an easy task. Especially in today’s time when humanity is dying, people should ensure that they teach kids good manners and raise them to become good human beings above anything else.

But what happens is that many times, out of love for the child, we don’t let their parents scold them. We protect the kid at that moment ignoring the fact that by doing so we set a wrong example.

In its new ad campaign, All Out India is trying to raise this very issue. Running on social media by the hashtag, #StandByToughMoms the ad is being loved and shared by the audiences.

All Out #StandByToughMoms ad .png

A mother ( Real Name: Radha Bhatt ) scolded her child for stealing ten rupees. Every family member on the dining table is against the woman. But in the end, the eldest man of the house raises his voice and takes the mothers side.

This ad film has been directed by Shoojit Sircar with Rising Sun Productions. I think this video is a must watch because it gives a very important message for the society. So, please, watch and share this beautiful piece of work.


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