Alok Nath Recites a Poem in Friends Diaper’s New Advert

Old age shouldn’t stop one from chasing their dreams. This is what Friends Diaper has tried to portray through its latest short video featuring famous Bollywood actor, Alok Nath. The ad has been done by Thought Pot Media with Mamlesh Tiwari.

In the advert, Alok plays the character of a 68 years old man who goes up on stage and recites a poem. He shares his experiences in rhyming words and asks the audience to consider him a friend. The poem that Alok recites has been originally written by the director of the film himself.

This 4 and a half minute long video will definitely leave you with a smile. Alok Nath has done justice to his role and Mamlesh Tiwari has done a terrific job with the direction as well as the editing of the film.

Watch the Advertisement

Brand: Friends Diaper
Agency: Thought Pot Media
Director: Mamlesh Tiwari
Producers: Minal Kumar & Anurag Parab
Director of Photography (DOP): Akshay Singh
Music: Nikant Sharma
Sound Designer: Darshit Mody
Editing: Mamlesh Tiwari


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