After Wind, Minute Maid Tells The Story Of Water

In December 2017, Minute Maid launched a 40 seconds long ad film that showed “how wind from different parts of our country comes together to create the unique taste of home-grown Mosambi”. The brand named the ad, Ras Ras Mein India – Story of Wind.

Almost two months later, the brand has launched another similar looking ad. This one talks about how the water from the river Ganga helps in the growth of juicy guavas in Uttar Pradesh. Just like the previous one, this ad too takes one of the beautiful fruit orchards and conveys the message in simple voice over. The brand has named this film – Ras Ras Mein India – Story of Water

After Wind and Water, it looks like the Minute Maid wants to play with all the elements of nature. Looking forward to seeing what how the brand will use Fire and Earth to promote its juices.





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