Dettol India, Why Not Feature REAL Doctors Instead?

A couple of days back I spotted Dettol’s new advertisement on television. A lady doctor is standing somewhere at her home (wearing her lab coat). Her old enough son (or brother in law) enters the scene and leaves shoe marks everywhere on the floor. She then suggests to the audiences that everybody must use Dettol liquid while cleaning their houses to get rid of bacterias and viruses.

Now, there are a couple of things that the brand overlooked. First, consumers are not stupid. The lady in the ad is a known television actress, She was also seen sharing screen space with Ram Kumar Rao in Shahid. Anyway, we know she isn’t a doctor so why make a false case in the first place? We aren’t living in the 90’s. Many brands are trying to adopt competitive advertising strategies. Why not learn from them and say goodbye to this old and boring advertising formula? Also, FYI, no doctor wears a lab coat at their own home.

Secondly, a brand must ensure that the final advertisement looks good and is properly edited. In this case, the initial few seconds of the ad aren’t even synced properly. The voice and the video are running at different paces. Yet, Dettol India went ahead with the ad and also put it everywhere on social media.

Thirdly, even if you want to show the doctor story then why not hire real doctors instead and make your advertisement look convincing enough?

Dettol isn’t a small brand and hence it can’t afford to make such blunders. Its closest competitor Savlon has also done some good advertising last month with its campaign, #BharosaMaaSa. So, in this field at least, Savlon is doing much better.

Hopefully, Dettol India will learn from this experience and plan better next time.

Watch the ad



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