Absolut India Must Have THE TALK With Its Social Media Agency

Absolut India has come up with 3 new TVCs for its Indian market. All of them have the exact same voice over and the very same message. Through these ad films, the brand is encouraging people to Create a better tomorrow, tonight.

Knowing its audience base, Absolut is also airing these commercials during the Australian open matches. On social media, the entire campaign is being run under the hashtag – #CreateTomorrow. What is surprising is that, despite having a following of almost 73 lakh on Facebook, these videos have been watched less than 100 times on the platform ( Total of all ).

On Twitter, the brand chose to upload just one video. Most of the #CreateTomorrow tweets belonged to a Pittsburgh based brand which has absolutely no relation to Absolut’s campaign. This proves that the brand did not do proper research while choosing the hashtag.

Even on Instagram, the brand’s performance is disappointing.

I agree that Absolut enjoys its own client base who are loyal towards it. But if you are trying to do something, isn’t it better to give it your 100%? I am sure Absolut has hired an agency that caters to all its social media needs. It is maybe time that the brand has a serious talk with the agency and set real-time targets that will help Absolut grow tremendously in India.

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