Amazon India’s New TVCs say ‘Sehen Ka The End’

If you check Amazon India’s Youtube page, you’ll realize that hardly a month goes by when the brand does not come up with a new set of advertising videos. For every sale, for every festival, Amazon has something new for the customers.

For their first mega sale of 2018, Amazon has come up with 4 extremely short ad films that push people to get away from their old products and shop for the latest ones on Amazon’s Great Indian Sale.

All the films under the campaign – #SehenKaTheEnd, have been conceptualised and created by Leo Burnett Orchard, Bangalore and have been directed by Rajesh Krishnan of Soda Films.

First Ad Film
Name of Actress: Sheeba Chaddha
Sheeba’s mixer grinder is not working well. She tells it to show as many tantrums and it wants because in few days it will be replaced with a new product from Amazon’s Great Indian Sale.

Second Ad Film

Name of Actress: Disha Thakur
The girl who is wearing a pink attire is seen talking to her maroon shoes. She tells them that she’ll wait for two more days and will eventually buy herself a pink pair of shoes at Amazon’s Great Indian Sale.

Third Ad Film
Name of Actor: Sukant Goel
The man is pissed at his phone and the charger. So, just like the above cases, he turns his laptop towards his phone and tells it that soon he will buy a new phone from Amazon’s ‘badi bachhat sale’.

Fourth Ad Film

Name of the actor: Unkown
A young man is standing in the cold in his balcony. He sees his old shirt hanging there. He asks the shirt if it is feeling cold and tells it to wait for two more days after which he’ll buy a jacket from Amazon’s Great Indian Sale.

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