L’Oréal Paris Features Amena Khan in her Hijab in its Latest Hair Product Campaign

A hijab is a veil that some Muslim women wear in the presence of males outside their immediate family. For many such ladies, their hijab is an integral part of their identity. They wear it by choice and have learned to embrace it.

To strike a chord with this set of audience, L’Oréal Paris included a famous beauty blogger Amena Khan in its latest campaign, Elvive World of Care. Wearing a beautiful pink scarf, Khan confidently says in the video, “Whether or not your hair is on display doesn’t affect how much you care about it.”

Amena Khan Loreal paris hair hijaab ad

This is not the first time that the brand has worked with Amena, she was earlier spotted in some of the tutorial videos done by the brand for its Youtube channel. This is the first time though that she has bagged a major role in one of the brand’s TVCs.

The world applauded this move by L’Oréal Paris. Though the campaign was majorly directed towards Netherlands and United Kingdom, it has earned the brand some massive goodwill across the globe. Kudos to L’oreal Paris for this initiative.

Watch the ad film here



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