Did you know that Old Monk was never advertised?

In India, Alcohol brands are not allowed to advertise directly. They use surrogate advertising methods to promote themselves. Despite this norm, almost all liquor brands have tried to market themselves using digital, electronic and print medium but not Old Monk.

Old Monk is a popular Indian Dark Rum brand that has been into existence since the year 1954. Today, the man behind this famous alcohol – Mr Kapil Mohan passed away. A little research on the brand brought me to this interesting trivia that Old Monk never used traditional methods of advertising. It only relied on word of mouth.

Who could have thought that this highly known brand became what it is today by only relying on what people thought of it? A powerful product can advertise itself and Old Monk Rum is a living proof of that.

This is Aksharit’s tribute to the man behind Old Monk. May you rest in peace, sir.



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