Pantaloons Wants People to End the ‘Sati Savitri’ Look

Today I saw an advert that made me very angry. It was released two weeks back and was done by Pantaloons India to promote their end of season sale.

First, let me write my angst. It is high time that people learn that one must not judge a book by its cover and people by the clothes they wear. We live in a democracy. And some of the very fine minds I know dress up completely in Indian wear and have never touched a ‘crop top’.

Coming to the ad, Pantaloons wants people to buy crop tops, put nice pictures on Facebook and stop caring about what the world thinks of them. If they left it here, it would have been fine. But the brand went ahead and named the campaign, #EndOfSatiSavitriLook.

I am glad for the brand that the social media hasn’t taken much notice of this commercial. Especially in a country like India, one must be very careful before making such ads. Hopefully, the brand will look into it and make better adverts in the future.

Some of the people who saw the ad criticised it on Facebook and Instagram.

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Also, the name of the actress in the TVC is Shreya Sharma.

Watch the film here:


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