Aksharit’s Take on Apollo Munich’s #BeWinsured

In December 2017, popular Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar was roped in as the brand ambassador of Apollo Munich Health Insurance. Now, as the new year has begun, promotional videos featuring the actor can be seen on social media. 

On 5th January, a 15 seconds video was released in which Frahan asked people to skip everything else and chose to be #BeWinsured. The video also suggested that the secret to #Winsured will be released on 6th January.

Now, the ‘much awaited’ secret is out. According to the second commercial, Apollo Munich health insurance not just takes care of major health bills, it also covers doctor and pharmacy bills. The brand has come up with a Health Wallet that will help all its customers with their daily medical needs

Both the ads look good. They are tight and to the point. The service that the brand is offering is also rare. The problem is with how the adverts have been circulated.First, if the brand really wanted to disclose a big plan or a secret, it should have created more awareness about the first commercial and also released the second film after 4-7 days.

Secondly, as on 6th January, 18:00 hours (India Time), there were less than 10 tweets about this ad on Twitter (search #bewinsured). The brand did not even try to utilise the star power of Farhan on the social media platform. All the tweets were from the original handle of Apollo Munich’s account. On Instagram, a sponsored ad could be seen but looks like it was paid for through Facebook as the original handle does not even have the first video.
If the audience is not even curious about your first promotional film, how do you expect them to be all excited for the second one? Even a newspaper ad could have worked at this point but I didn’t find anything in today’s Times Of India and Indian Express.
Just two days back we saw how Wild Stone utilised Social Media to promote its latest campaign. I wish more and more brands could learn from it. Making a film is not sufficient, it is just the initial step, brands who realise it will excel, others will have to learn.

Watch the films here:
First Ad Film: #BeWinsured


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