Beauty Creams Take a New Turn with Pretty 24’s Latest Ad Campaign

In India, we are used to seeing fairness creams ads that transform the basic character of a girl. One moment she is underconfident and soon after applying the beauty product, she not just turns fair but also excel in sports, work, studies etc.

So, when you come across a TVC that is out of the league, it immediately grabs your attention. This is what happened when I saw the latest commercial of a face cream named ‘Pretty 24’.

Now, I won’t say that the advertisement is Amazing. It has flaws, it doesn’t look very extraordinary and in between, it also missed the plot. But the idea behind the entire campaign is undoubtedly very appealing. Considering that the people of India have mixed skin tones, this advert holds the capability to attract the masses.

Pretty 24 is the latest product of Vini Cosmetics that also makes the very popular Fogg deodorants. As of now, there are three films promoting this product. They have been conceptualised by The Womb and have been shot under Trinity Films.

And knowing that all of you love knowing the names of the actresses, here is the complete list with the official name of the film.

Beauty is not about Fairness: Apeksha, Siddhi, Priyanka, Priyadarshani and Dayana

When does a woman feel beautiful/pretty: Sana Dua (Miss India 1st Runner Up 2017), Riya Ray, Aditi Anand, Sushruthi (Miss India 1st Runner Up 2016)

Watch the TVCs here

Full Credits
Agency: The Womb
Company: Vini Cosmetics
Production Hous: Trinity Films
Producer: Rajesh, Harish/Rajesh
Directors: Harish/Rajesh, Dhruv Tripathi,
DOP: Anoop Jotwani


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