Nivea India’s Last TVCs of 2017

Nivea has ended 2017 with a carefully crafted campaign, #EndWinterOdour. The focus of this entire marketing strategy is on Nivea’s ‘Roll on’ variant. The brand has come up with four 30-seconds long ad films to promote the product.

The first TVC is called, ‘ONE WINTER DAY IN A TAXI’.  A man comes and sits in a cab. As soon as he removes his jacket, the cab driver runs away due to the bad smell coming from the man.

The second TVC has been named ‘ONE WINTER DAY IN AN OFFICE’. A girl in an office (Real Name: Preeti Rana) is trying to put some files on the top shelf of a cupboard. Her colleague ( real name: Karan Mehat) comes and offers to help. But his body odour is so strong that she falls on a pile of files.

The Third TVC is titled, ‘ONE WINTER DAY AT A REUNION’. Two old friends spot each other at a reunion party. They run towards each other for a hug but midway one of the girls hugs a waiter instead because friend smelled terrible.

Last but not the least, the fourth advert has been given the name ‘ONE WINTER DAY AT A DATE’. A boy (Real Name: Anuj Saini) and a girl meet for a date. The boy is too afraid to separate himself from the flowers he got for her because she stinks too bad.

I really like the fact that the TVCs are short and crisp. They have limited dialogues and all the actors have done justice to the entire series. Nivea has smartly uploaded them on all their social media platforms and has already begun the online promotions.

Now, I also know how you all love knowing the names of the actors but trust me finding them is a very difficult task because almost all the time the brands forget to acknowledge the small actors in their TVCs. And very often like this time, not much information is revealed to the general public about the production house and the agency.

So, I tried finding certain actors through my stalking skills but I am afraid I wasn’t a hundred percent successful.

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