Head and Shoulder Gets a ‘Sar ka Doctor’

When a celebrity shares an ad on social media, it gathers instant views. Today Ranveer Singh proved this theory by sharing the recent ad of Head and Shoulders new campaign, #WinterEssential. Within hours, the video got more fan 50 shares and over 60 thousand views. 

The TVC shows Ranveer as a ‘Sar ka doctor’. A patient (Real name: Hussain Dalal) visits him and tells him that every winter his girlfriends leave him. As soon as he finishes, Ranveer asks him to start from the top. The process continues and the patient begins to get annoyed. Ranveer then twirls in his chair and presents him a bottle of Head and Shoulders.

Another version of the ad is also visible on television. In this one, a girl (Real name: Mrunal Thakur), visits the Sar Ka Doctor, Ranveer. Just like the previous case, Ranveer asks the girl to use Head and Shoulders to get rid of all boyfriend problems.

Watch the two ad films here:



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