Watch Nescafe’s #BadalLifeKiRaftaar

Nescafe is one brand that always manages to make wonderful ad films. Their TVCs are not just visually and emotionally appealing but, they also have the essence of coffee in them.

Almost a month back Nescafe released an advertisement under the campaign #BadalLifeKiRaftaar. It showed a middle-aged man waking up his son early in the morning, he calls him into the kitchen and tells him how he should now start making a cup of coffee every morning. Once the son has his first sip, the father congratulates him on getting admission in his college. They share an emotional moment and with the famous tune of Nescafe, the ad ends.

Both the actors have done a terrific job in the film and this time I could manage to find the names of the actors too. The son is called Vedaant Saluja and the role of the father has been done by Bengali actor, Shataf Figar. Unfortunately, there is no information available of the agency and the production team.

This advert is available on the official youtube and facebook page of Nescafe. It is not available on Twitter. And shockingly (for me), Nescafe India does not even have an official Instagram account. If you follow my blog regularly, you would know that this is one thing I always talk about and here I am again, brands must give attention to all the social media platforms. The audience is scattered and to reach to all one must be present everywhere.

Watch this amazing TVC here, I am pretty sure that you’ll like it too.



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  1. I can’t believe they are not biological father-son. I was literally telling my wife that these two actors are real father-son duo.

    It means the ad agency has paid attention to details pretty highly.

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