Celebrities Who Promote/Promoted Tourism of Indian States

India is trying to make a mark on the World Tourism Map. That is why all the states are working hard to attract travelers from not just the country but all over the globe. Famous celebrities have been helping in the process. Here is a list of big names who at some point became the face of an Indian state’s tourism.

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1. Andhra Pradesh: There were talks almost a year back that Ajay Devgn will be the face of Andhra along with his wife, Kajol, as the co-promoter.Ajay Devgn Andhra Pradesh Kajol Brand Ambassador

2. Arunachal Pradesh: In September 2016, John Abraham became the official brand ambassador of Arunachal Pradesh Tourism.Arunachal Pradesh John Abraham Brand Ambassador Tourism

3. Assam: In 2017, Priyanka Chopra became the face of Assam. She was seen in multiple videos that promoted tourism in the state.Priyanka Chopra Assam Brand Ambassador Tourism

4. Goa: Well, if news reports are to be believed then Prachi Desai was signed in as the brand ambassador of Goa in 2010.Prachi Desai Goa Brand Ambassador Tourism

5. Gujarat: I think everybody must know that Big B – Amitabh Bachchan is the key promoter of Gujarat Tourism. His ad films from different parts of Gujarat have been circulating in the country since years now.Amitabh Bachchan Gujarat Brand Ambassador Tourism

6. Haryana: In 2015, Dharmendra and his wife Hema Malini became the brand ambassadors of Haryana Tourism.Dharmendra Hema Malini Haryana Brand Ambassador Tourism

7. Jharkhand: Mahendra Singh Dhoni made his state proud in so many ways. No wonder he was rewarded as the brand ambassador.Jharkhand MS Dhoni Brand Ambassador Tourism

8. Odisha: I can bet not many people know this. Popular Bollywood actress, Nandita Das was made the brand ambassador of Odisha Tourism in 2005.Nandita Das Odisha Brand Ambassador Tourism

9. Sikkim: This has been a very recent development. A. R. Rahman was made the official Brand Ambassador of Sikkim in December 2017.Sikkim AR Rahman Brand Ambassador Tourism

10. Telangana: In 2014, Sania Mirza became the brand ambassador of Telangana.Sania Mirza Telangana Brand Ambassador Tourism

11. Uttrakhand: In 2016, Virat Kohli was chosen as the face of Uttrakhand Tourism. There was a lot of controversy regarding this in the early months of 2017.Virat Kohli Uttrakhand Brand Ambassador Tourism

12. West Bengal: Shah Rukh Khan‘s love for West Bengal is very evident. The actor has been promoting the state’s tourism since 2017 officially.Shah Rukh Khan West Bengal Brand Ambassador Tourism

Bihar, Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, Tripura and Uttar Pradesh have no Tourism Brand Ambassadars.

There were talks in the past of Kangana Ranaut being the face of Himachal Tourism but that didn’t turn out well. The same thing happened with Amir Khan for Chattisgarh.


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