Brands Endorsed By Alia Bhatt in 2017

Alia Bhatt is just 24 years old. At this young age, she has managed to endorse a variety of brands and the list keeps getting bigger every year. Undoubtedly, Alia is amongst the top choice of advertisers, it is evident from the list of adverts she has done in 2017. Here are the popular brands that Alia Bhatt promoted in 2017.

1. Lux
In India, Lux has always hired Bollywood actresses (and once Shah Rukh Khan) as its brand ambassador. In 2017, Lux continued the trend and roped in Alia Bhatt.

Lux Alia Bhatt Brands endorsed by Alia Bhatt in 2017.jpg

2. Make My Trip
Just like 2016, Make My Trip continued their tie-up with Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt. Throughout the year, the duo was seen promoting the brand in diverse roles.

3. Caprese
Alia has been a Caprese girl for over 3 years now. Print, Digital and Electronic – She has been seen promoting the brand on all the platforms.

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4. Sunsilk
Alia is also the main face of Sunsilk. In 2017, the brand majorly did Print ads involving the actress.

Sunsilk ad alia bhat brands endorsed by alia in 2017.jpg

5. Gionee India
The ‘Welcome to Selfiestan’ jingle of Gionee starring Alia became very popular in 2017.

6. Cornetto
Alia Bhatt and Vikrant Massey were the main stars of Cornetto this year.

7. Philips
Alia promotes the hair straighteners made by Philips.

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8. Fruity Fizz
In 2017, Parle Agro started a new variant by the name of Fruity Fizz. They chose Alia as the endorser.

Alia Bhatt Fruity Fizz brands endorsed by alia bhatt in 2017.jpg

9. BlueStone
In 2017, the brand introduced Alia Bhatt as its first brand ambassador. The ad film starring her won many hearts.

10. Standard Electricals
In the early months of 2017, this ad starring Alia Bhatt was seen widely on television.

11. Garnier
For over 3 years, Alia has been promoting various hair and face products of Garnier in India. Her recent commercial for the brand came just 2 weeks back.

Apart from these brands, Alia was also seen promoting two major social initiatives, the Adar Poonawalla Clean City Initiative and Coexist. Through her Instagram account, Alia has time and again promoted various small brands of her friends and loved ones.

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