Ranveer Singh and Mahesh Babu Charged Thums Up

Famous cola brand Thums Up launched its first variant, Thums Up Charged. To promote this new addition to the Coca-Cola family, the brand has not left any stone unturned.

For Northern India, a TVC has been launched featuring the current brand ambassador of Thums Up, Ranveer Singh. The ad film shoes Ranveer as a racer. He is in the middle of a race when the car comes to hold. Ranveer’s crew announces that they’ll come to help him. He stops them, takes a sip of Thums Up instead and carries on to win the race.

Thums Up Charged 2.jpg

To target the Southern region of India, the same exact ad with the same extras and graphics has been made starring Mahesh Babu. Thanks to the actor’s fan following, his version of the ad, has been trending in Andhra and Telangana.

Both the actors have shared the advertisement on their social media accounts. In just two days, the adverts have already fared well and have gathered many views.

Looks like, Thums Up Charged has refilled the Company’s battery for good.

Watch the TVCs here


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