Irrfan Khan Becomes the First Indian Brand Ambassador of Mastercard

Looks like the world is finally taking notice of Irfan Khan. The actor has now become the first Indian brand ambassador of Mastercard.

Television commercial starring Irfan is already out. It shows the actor travelling from Mumbai to Jaipur for a wedding. He is stunned to see how much the city has changed. From taking the cab to buying footwear, from eating out with family to enjoying lassi with friends, Irfan gets to use his Mastercard everywhere.

The advert is very appealing. It has the rawness of India. The background score and song goes beautifully with the visuals of the film. As of now, we don’t know the people behind this ad. We’ll update as soon as we have more data on this.

Mastercard brand is trying to capitalise on the Digital India campaign that is currently very active in India. This present marketing of the brand is being identified as #KhulGayiLife. Social media creatives showcasing Irfan can be seen on Mastercard’s Facebook account. But it does look like the brand is ignoring Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. There is no talk about the ad on these channels.

Irfan Khan Facebook Master Card.jpg

Every social media platform is equally important in today’s time as all of them cater to a different audience. It is imperative that the brands and the agencies focus on this. One must try to put everything at the same time on all platforms.

Watch the TVC here: Mastercard Ad featuring Irfan Khan


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