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Book Review: A Few Good Friends By Swati Kaushal

India is being looked at as a big consumer of books in the world. That is why all publishing houses in the country are encouraging young writers to pen down novels. The quality of books that are being published though is not very good.

Maybe that is why at first I was hesitant to read A few Good Friends by Swati Kaushal. I already had a preconceived notion in mind that this book too will be disappointing. And now, after reading the 310 pages, I am glad that I didn’t dismiss this one.

After 20 years of graduating from IIM Calcutta, Aadi, Srini, Ambi, TD, Miru and Kajo meet for a weekend for their batch reunion in Goa. They all carry their own stories, their own secrets and their own obligations. Many of them had not spoken or met in years. But despite that, the connection and the magic of their friendships thrilled.

In the two days, old lovers meet, new developments are learned, courage is rebuilt. When all this ends, a smiling reader is left behind.

A Few Good Friends has been published by Hachette India. The cover has been illustrated by Ranganath Krishnamani and it looks lovely with bright colours. So, if you do judge a book by its cover then chances are that you would want to have this one.

Swati Kaushal is no ordinary writer. She has the calibre and the talent to build stories. Scripting ensemble is not an easy job. More the characters, difficult the writing. Hence, it is right to recognise the effortless way in which Swati Kaushal has written A Few Good Friends.

What I didn’t like about the book was that it did contain a lot of things that were maybe not required. In that ways, it could have been edited well.

Read this book, I am sure you won’t regret it.

Publisher: Hachette India
Cover Illustrator: Ranganath Krishnamani
Price: ₹ 399
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