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Book Review: The Perils of Being Moderately Famous by Soha Ali Khan

If until now, Soha Ali Khan was moderately famous then after reading ‘The Perils of Being Moderately Famous’, I have no doubt that tomorrow she can become extremely famous.


In the initial pages itself, Soha says that the book is not about Saif, Kareena, Kunal Khemu, Sharmila Tagore or Mansoor Ali Khan. So if you pick this book to know more about them then you’ll end up being disappointed. Only those references from their lives that impacted Soha have been included.

Soha rightly knows that she doesn’t enjoy the kind of fandom many other members of her family do. She says in the book, “I am content to bask in reflected glory whilst seeking out my unique destiny.” Soha has written crisply about her life so far. Knowingly or unknowingly, she has made sure that the readers do not get bored of her anywhere in the book. This kind of regulation comes in writing only when people are comfortable in their shoes.
Best Quotes From Soha Ali Khans book perils of being moderately famous

I am in awe of Soha’s writing skills. I don’t know if she can ‘flirt’ with the camera or not, but I do think that Soha Ali Khan can trifle with words. In about 200 pages, she has written on genres like travel, cricket, cinema and romance giving a glimpse of what all she is capable. Though she might not be very popular, undoubtedly she has lived a life full of stories and adventures.

I really wish though that the cover of the book was more appealing. The land we live in does judge a book by its cover and it’s time that Indian publishers take notice of this. The Perils of Being Moderately Famous is available in bookstores near you. Buy it, read it and let me know if you agree with my review.

Publisher – Penguin Random House
Cover Photograph – Mitesh
Cover Illustration – Priya Kuriyan
Cover Design – Ahlawat Gunjan
Price of Book – ₹299
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