Watch Amazon’s 2017 Holiday Advert – ‘Give’

It won’t be wrong to say that Amazon knows simplicity the best. The brand’s new holiday advert proves that it can strongly connect with people and develop a liking towards it.

In this simple ad film, a lady in a bus gets a Christmasy boomerang message from a little girl. She is so in awe that she immediately opens Amazon app on her phone and sends the girl a gift. The next screen shows various boxes of different sizes singing and moving towards their destinations. Basic animation to show the boxes sing and smile has been used which further uplifts the feel of the video. One of these boxes reaches the girl and she is seen smiling in the end shot.

Conceptualised by Lucky Generals, the ad is getting a lot of acclaim throughout the globe. Its music ‘Give a little bit of my love to you..’ goes perfectly with the visuals of the ad.

Watch the full ad film here:

Agency: Lucky Generals
Production Company: Somesuch
Director: Nick Gordon
Postproduction: The Mill
Editing: Final Cut
Media: Initiative
Music: Soundtree
Sound Design: 750 MPH


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